Make your goals a reality with training, support, and advice personalized for you. 

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A good coach provides knowledge, support and expertise that you need to help you achieve your goals. You do the hard work; we make sure it counts.

Our coaching services and plans don’t come from a book or a computer database. They are designed based on your life, your abilities and your goals. And, our support is there for you when you need it.

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We offer two levels of service to support your needs:

One-to-One Coaching

  • This option is for athletes who want a custom plan that comes with all of the services you expect from hiring a coach, including data analysis, form and skill instruction, unlimited changes to your training schedule, unlimited correspondence, race fueling guidelines, and more. (See chart below for list of all of the services.)

 Training Plan

  • This option is for athletes who don’t need full coaching services, but want a custom training plan, geared toward optimizing their performance at key races, and matched to their lifestyle and schedule. This plan includes baseline fitness assessment, to help set heart rate zones (and power if applicable) for optimal training. (See chart below for comparison to the One-to-One Coaching services.)






Training Plan

Periodized training planOptimized for your key races and goals, and customized to fit with your lifestyle and schedule 

General fitness history assessment

Baseline fitness assessment (e.g., heart rate & power zone calculation)

Ongoing fitness assessment

Training log review & data analysis

Advice about optimal race calendar

Assistance with goal and target setting

Skill instruction & form analysiswith video breakdown

Race day pacing guidelines

Training & race day fueling guidelines

Strength and/or functional training

*Can be added for an additional $5/week.

Revisions to athlete training planner (ATP – overall season plan) Unlimited None
Revisions to weekly training schedules Unlimited None
Online training log with Training peaks Premium account Basic account
Correspondence Unlimited, including:Calls, skype/google hangout/facetime, email, text messages Email
Personal sessions 10% discount None
Start up fee $100, or waived with minimum of 6 month commitment $100, or waived with minimum of 6 month commitment
Pricing: Triathlon/duathlon(Billing can be every 4-weeks, quarterly or yearly)
  • $55/week
  • $50/week with a 12-month commitment
  • Start up fee may apply (see above)
  • $30/week
  • Start up fee may apply (see above)
Pricing: Running only(Billing can be every 4-weeks, quarterly or yearly)
  • $45/week
  • $40/week, with a 12 month commitment
  • Start up fee may apply (see above)
  •  $20/week
  • Start up fee may apply (see above)

 Service levels have a 16-week minimum.



Need some assistance with your form and technique? Want the benefit of a coach at your side, pushing you to your limits? Would you like us to take you through a strength training routine? We can do that.

We offer the option of personal training sessions, where John or Maria will train with you. We will meet with you, and help with swim technique, running form, cycling skills, strength training – your choice.

Personal sessions run on a per-hour basis, and can be arranged for $75/hour for a single one hour session. (Meetings must occur within 30 minutes travel time of Atlantic City, NJ.)

One-on-one coached athletes receive a discount as part of their package. Additionally, price discounts are available if you want to purchase several sessions, or a multi-hour session. We also offer group discounts. Contact us to set up your sessions!



Good question. Here’s what we mean:

  • A recognition that while athletes may share some general similarities, each person has an unique path that will help him/her reach optimal performance. We find this path through a process of individualized periodization, fitness testing, detailed athlete history, and the like. We do not create cookie cutter or one-size-fits-all plans.
  • Each athlete receives a personalized athlete training planner, from which we build training cycles and workouts specific to that athlete’s strengths, limiters and lifestyle.
  • Regular correspondence via email and/or phone (depending upon service level). Face to face consults are available (see personal sessions.)
  • Fitness assessment (baseline and ongoing, depending upon service level)
  • Specially timed workouts and recovery designed for your specific level of fitness and your yearly, monthly and weekly goals
  • Support that matches your unique circumstances
  • Advice and motivational support

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