Core Values

Our values drive us to be our best – so you can be your best. Whether you are coming to us for triathlon coaching or run coaching, we promise to provide: 1) regular communication, 2) strong community, 3) expert knowledge, and 4) personalization. 


Triathlon coaching run coaching
Our coaches on the course at IMAC 70.3.
  • Communication means connection. Regular interaction forms a strong bond between you and your coach
  • Communication is the most important tool we use to develop and monitor your training. We use a mix of phone (including Skype or Facetime), email, text messages, TrainingPeaks, and social media. 
  • There are no limits to communication for our one-to-one coached athletes. Ask questions, get feedback, rely on expert advice, use us as a “sounding board”, seek accountability, and count on us to be your cheerleader.


  • Success in sport (and in life!) requires a village. We've built a strong and supportive No Limits Community. We are grateful for these connections!
  • No Limits Community includes:
    • Formal and informal group training (in select locations)
    • Social connections via our private Facebook group page
    • Shout outs across our social media accounts
    • Formal and informal team meet-ups (facilitated through a team race calendar, Facebook group, and email announcements)
    • Branded team gear available for purchase. All No Limits athletes receive a free hat each year.
    • Positive attitude matters! We are a no ego zone – just sweat and smiles!
  • Your community includes your family and friends. So, we work with you to ensure there is a training-life balance that allows your family and friends to be a part of your journey – and for you to be a part of theirs.
run coaching triathlon coaching
Pre-race team breakfast with partners, friends and family. 

 Expert Knowledge

  • Our coaching team are life long learners. We stay current on the latest research, and what that means for endurance sport generally, and your training specifically. 
  • Scientific principles and findings provide vital context for designing your training program, race strategy, and fueling & hydration guidelines.
  • Our coaches share regularly our collective knowledge in best practices in triathlon coaching and run coaching to make sure you achieve your goals.
  • Our coaches are certified by national governing bodies, including USA Triathlon, USA Cycling, National Academy of Sports Medicine, National Strength & Conditioning Association, and National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association.


triathlon coaching
Our coaches attended the Endurance Coaching Summit in Boulder, CO, learning cutting-edge techniques for training, and the latest in the scientific research.

Personalization for your life. 

  • Scientific studies are based on population averages, but you aren't necessarily the average athlete. You are an N of 1. Our coaches have the experience and knowledge to take the context provided by science and apply it to your specific circumstances. This is the art of triathlon coaching and run coaching.
  • Our creativity comes from designing programs that combine sound scientific context, best practices in training, and matching them to the demands of YOUR life.
  • We don’t offer a one-size-fits all approach. We take the time to get to know you, and make certain the program is based on sound scientific principles – yet creatively customized to your unique circumstances.

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