Coaching Plans

Make your big dreams a reality with training, support, and advice personalized for you. 

A good coach provides knowledge, support and expertise that you need to help you achieve your goals. You do the hard work; we make sure it counts.

Our coaching services and plans don’t come from a book or a computer database. They are designed based on your life, your abilities and your goals. And, our support is there for you when you need it.

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We offer three levels of coaching plans to best suit your needs and budget: Gold, Silver and Bronze. 


Bronze Coaching plan

The bronze coaching plan is our foundational level, and it includes a training plan that is customized to your strengths and weaknesses, your schedule and your race calendar (no more trying to get a cookie cutter plan to match with your life!). The plan also provides support for setting initial HR and Power zones (if applicable). It’s great for athletes who have a set schedule, and don’t need revisions or frequent interaction with the coach.


Silver Coaching Plan

The silver coaching plan includes all of the services of the bronze level, plus increased interaction with the coach as well as general assessment of your data (HR & Power ). It also includes seasonal goal and race calendar planning advice. This plan is great for athletes who have a fairly set schedule, who want some interaction and connection with their coach (email and text), and monthly feedback about their training data.


Gold Coaching Plan

The gold coaching plan offers the customized plan for your life, as with the bronze and silver, but it comes with a great deal more flexibility, connection, and detail. The key services for this level include regular data analysis (individual workouts and trends), form and skill instruction (via video), unlimited changes to your training and racing schedule, unlimited correspondence (phone, email, text), race fueling guidelines, and more.  The gold coaching plan is great for athletes who want a detail oriented approach to their training in order to get the most they can get from working with a coach. 


Click here for a chart that identifies and compares the services offered across the different levels of coaching plans. You can see at a glance what each plan covers, and match it to what you need!

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Nutrition Coaching

We offer support for your day to day nutrition to help you achieve your optimal race weight. For details, click here.


Personal Sessions

In person, one-to-one sessions are available for more in-depth instruction. Click here for details. 


What makes our services personalized?  

  • A recognition that while athletes may share some general similarities, each person has an unique path that will help him/her reach optimal performance. We find this path through a process of individualized periodization, fitness testing, detailed athlete history, and the like. We do not create cookie cutter or one-size-fits-all plans.
  • Each athlete receives a personalized athlete training planner, from which we build training cycles and workouts specific to that athlete’s strengths, limiters, race calendar and lifestyle.
  • Regular correspondence via email and/or phone (depending upon service level). Face to face consults are available (see personal sessions.)
  • Fitness assessment (baseline and ongoing, depending upon service level)
  • Specially timed workouts and recovery designed for your specific level of fitness and your yearly, monthly and weekly goals
  • Support that matches your unique circumstances
  • Advice and motivational support


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