Personal Sessions

Wintertime in the Pain Cave.
Wintertime in the Pain Cave. Athletes in the area are free to join us for long indoor bike rides throughout the colder months. These are informal (everyone does their own workout – these are not group-led workouts), BYOT (bring your own trainer) and free. The company and laughs are well worth joining in.

Need some assistance with your form and technique? Want the benefit of a coach at your side, pushing you to your limits? Would you like us to take you through a strength training routine? We can do that.

We offer the option of personal training sessions, where Coaches John, MariaLindsay, or Zach will train with you. We will meet with you, and help with swim technique, running form, cycling skills, strength training, mental fitness, or consultations on subject of your choice.

Personal sessions run on a per-hour basis, and can be arranged for $80/hour for a single one hour session (not including any additional fees for facilities). Sessions must occur within 30 minutes travel time of Atlantic City, NJ, Mays Landing, NJ or Harrisburg, PA.

Coached athletes receive discounts on personal sessions. Additionally, price discounts are available if you want to purchase several sessions, or a multi-hour session. We also offer group discounts.

Contact us to set up your sessions!

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